Blessings Of Bebe Lyrics: A Punjabi song by Gagan Kokri which is a tribute to mothers (bebe). The song is composed by Laddi Gill while its lyrics are penned by Jaggi Jagowal.

Singer Gagan Kokri
Lyricist Jaggi Jagowal
Music Laddi Gill
Cast Gagan Kokri, Anita Devgan
Language Punjabi
Music Label Saga Music
Jaggi Jagowal has written the lyrics of “Blessings Of Bebe”. Jaggi Jagowal is known for writing songs like Woofer, Blessings Of Bebe, and Wonderland.
Gagan Kokri has sung the song “Blessings Of Bebe”. Gagan Kokri is known for singing songs like Blessings Of Bebe, Blessings of Rabb, and Triple Triple.
The music video of “Blessings Of Bebe” features Gagan Kokri and Anita Devgan.