Parshawan Lyrics

Parshawan Lyrics: The Punjabi song is sung by Harnoor, and has music by JayB Singh while Gifty has written the Parshawan Lyrics. The music video of the Parshawan song is directed by Arsh Singh and BoyWithLenz , and it features Harnoor and Srijan Chanta.

Singer Harnoor
Lyricist Gifty
Music JayB Singh
Director Arsh Singh, BoyWithLenz
Cast Harnoor, Srijan Chanta
Language Punjabi
Director Of Photography Arsh Singh
Music Label Legacy Records

Gifty has written the lyrics of “Parshawan”. Gifty is known for writing songs like Supna Laavan Da, Waalian, and Chan Vekhya.
Harnoor has sung the song “Parshawan”. Harnoor is known for singing songs like Moonlight, Waalian, and Chan Vekhya.
Arsh Singh, BoyWithLenz has directed the music video of “Parshawan”.
The music video of “Parshawan” features Harnoor and Srijan Chanta.