Vacation Lyrics: The Punjabi song is sung by Nirvair Pannu, and has music by Snappy while Rav Hanjra has written the Vacation Lyrics. The music video of the Vacation song is directed by Teji Sandhu.

Singer Nirvair Pannu
Lyricist Rav Hanjra
Music Snappy
Director Teji Sandhu
Language Punjabi
Director Of Photography Teji Sandhu
Music Label Gringo Entertainments

Rav Hanjra has written the lyrics of “Vacation”. Rav Hanjra is known for writing songs like High Standard, Big Scene, and Tait Goriye.
Nirvair Pannu has sung the song “Vacation”. Nirvair Pannu is known for singing songs like Bandook, Gabhru, and Mitha Bolke.
Teji Sandhu has directed the music video of “Vacation”.