Vardaan Lyrics: The song is sung by CarryMinati, and has music by Wily Frenzy The music video of the Vardaan song is directed by Dhruv Sachdeva and Clifford Afonso , and it features CarryMinati and Wily Frenzy. Vardaan Ajey Nagar Lyrics.

Singer CarryMinati
Lyricist CarryMinati
Music Wily Frenzy
Director Dhruv Sachdeva, Clifford Afonso
Cast CarryMinati, Wily Frenzy
Director Of Photography Arnab Gayan
Genre Hip-Hop (Rap)
Music Label CarryMinati
CarryMinati has written the lyrics of “Vardaan”.
CarryMinati has sung the song “Vardaan”.
Dhruv Sachdeva, Clifford Afonso has directed the music video of “Vardaan”.
The music video of “Vardaan” features CarryMinati and Wily Frenzy.