Yamunashtak Lyrics:In Yamunastakam’s first eight shlokas, Shri Mahaprabhuji describes Shri Yamunaji’s eight fold powers, its divine & wonderful idol and her divine qualities. Shri Yamunaji is the daughter of divine Sun. Her purpose for coming to earth from heaven through Kalind mountain is to bless her devotees. Her physical state as a river is also very attractive and charming. She is so kind that even she blessed evil spirited people. Shri Yamunaji blessed her devotees with eight fold powers. If some evil person, drinks water from Yamuna river to quench thirst, she blessed that person also. So, if we pray her with knowledge and understanding, we should not be surprised if she blessed us also. One of the example from Shri Mahaprabhuju’s 84 Vaishnavas, is of Kishoribai. Kishoribai  was chanting only two lines from Yamunastakam with full faith. Shri Yamunaji blessed Kishoribai with all divine fruits.